Most dog training works best in person, but a video session may be suitable if/when:

  • There isn’t a behaviour specialist in your area to help you in-person.
  • You primarily want an in-depth discussion regarding your dog’s behaviour, or training theory.
  • You want economical support after your in-home consultation.

lets talk Dog Training.

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When working online, there is a lot you CAN do.

During our phone/video consultation, there is a focus on ensuring you understand why your dog is behaving a specific way, based on dog psychology, to give you the knowledge to resolve potential new issues in the future without the need to spend more money on a trainer.

Where practical, hands-on training can also occur during our session as we can observe your training via video and advise on how to alter your technique to get better results.

Online sessions are billed by the hour at $150/hr and can be a great way to gain some advice in the immediate if its difficult to schedule an in person session due to both yours and our schedules.

We also offer a video + in person package for $399