The Pawfectionist was created with a dream in mind. To help dog owners live harmonious lives with their four-legged companions. To allow them the peace of mind to leave for work knowing that someone would be by to exercise and relax their dog while they are gone, the joy and relief  to have someone to help explore avenues to prevent and/or modify problem behaviours their dog is exhibiting, and to be a source of whatever one might physically need in the process.

Belinda Sumner
Lead Trainer / Founder

Belinda founded The Pawfectionist in 2010 with a passion to help struggling dog owners better understand their pets and to help pets live a more harmonious life with their owners.

Belinda’s wealth of knowledge, passion, and continued learning has made The Pawfectionist into a happy home for thousands of dogs over the last 10 years, and one that is sure to welcome many more to come.

Andrew Sumner
Shop / Walking

Andrew joined The Pawfectionist in 2011 with a passion to help Belinda build The Pawfectionist into what it is today.

With his acquired knowledge and skills over the past 9 years, Andrew has helped exercise and train hundreds of dogs to allow them to lead more balanced lives, resulting in happier owners.

Paul Hetherington
Shop / Training

Paul is an experienced trainer, having facilitated one-on-one consults and classes around Geelong and Melbourne over the last 5 years.

You’ll find Paul in our shop a few days a week when he is not running consults, and installing Hidden Fence containment systems.

Nicole Fox
Walking / Training

Nicole completed her NDTF Dog Behaviour and Training accreditation in 2013 and has since been busy furthering her knowledge and career as a trainer through numerous pursuits.

Nicole joined The Pawfectionist in 2019 and leads our walking groups and puppy classes.

If you’d like to get to know more about us, please get in touch or come and say hello in store at 38 Main Street, Greensborough. We’d love to meet you, and especially your dog!