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Our training consultation sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you have a new pup and want to get on the right track from day one, have been thinking about it for a while to help sort out some ongoing behaviour concerns, or you have had a recent incident that has left you feeling unsure what to do moving forward, we are here to help and are happy to have a no obligation chat about your dog and what we can do to help.

We work with all breeds & behaviours.

Having worked as professional trainers for more than 10 years we’ve seen a bit of everything, from chihuahuas to great danes, and everything in between. Broadly speaking, dog training concepts apply accross any size/breed of dog, but each breed has unique traits and characteristics to consider thanks to their long histories as working animals for numerous different purposes. 

You can be sure we’ve seen a situation like yours before, and we are working from a position of experience.

…and we can help with:

  • Barking
  • Pulling
  • Recall
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • General Obedience
  • Much More (just ask us!) 


We travel all over Victoria to help people with training concerns. But there is a travel fee for locations that are more than 30km from our home base.

If you are based interstate we recommend finding a more local trainer, as in-person advice is invaluable in our field. That said, we do offer Zoom / Skype sessions, and can travel further afield when multiple sessions are booked in the same area, such as if you have a friend that would like one too.

Absolutely, we often conduct sessions in different locations and contexts based on the aim of that individual session.

Some examples:

  • Visiting a local market to work on obedience and socialising in a busy environment with many people and dogs.
  • Training along a bike track for a dog reactive to cyclists
  • Attending a group training class, so that you have continuous one on one support where your dog struggles to fit into a class setting.

The above-mentioned behaviours are just a handful of things we can help with. Every session is tailored to each individual case and the nuances in it. If you want to ask about a specific concern get in touch with us and we’ll be happy discuss it with you and work out what we can do.

While a dog’s age has some bearing on how it learns certain things, and older dogs may have problem behaviours that have existed for quite a while. Age is not a factor in whether or not a dog’s behaviour can be improved.

We have worked with plenty of “senior petizens” with significant problem behaviours who have been able to transition into model citizens and get past ingrained habits.

The answer varies from case to case.

Often we can clearly demonstrate in a session that your dog can and will behave differently very quickly.

Whether that improvement is ongoing and consistent depends on the nature of the problem, and what time you can put into training your pet into the future.

Dogs are always learning, every second, and problem behaviours don’t exist in a bubble. Dogs behave a certain way (good or bad) because it fulfils a base need they have. Ensuring that good behavioural patterns are reinforced, and bad ones are not, is task that lasts for the full life of your pet.

The base rate for a consult session is $350.

If you’re outside our immediate area there may be a small travel feel based on the time/distance to you.

In addition to the session price, we may advise certain training tools that would come at an additional cost. Most of these we carry with us so you can have them organised and ready to go within your session, but you are under no obligation to buy these items from us, or at all.

Some examples of these items are listed here to give you some idea, and you may already have everything you need:

  • Specific types of leads/harnesses/collars
  • Anti-anxiety tools such as calming supplements or Adaptil
  • Treats or a special toy for use in positive reinforcement training
  • Treat pouch for easy access to reinforcers during training


There is no one size fits all method to train dogs. That said, we are balanced trainers, which means that we operate from the position that generally dogs need a high rate of positive reinforcement for good behaviours, as well as boundaries/consequences relating to undesired behaviours, if they are to learn quickly and effectively.

In each individual case, what this looks like can vary a lot. Every dog has its own individual response to food, attention, praise, toys, lack of attention, verbal consequence, physical consequence, etc.

Our position isn’t to tell you one method is right or wrong or that you must do things a certain way. We advise on the full spectrum of possible methods and their advantages and potential pitfalls based on your situation.

Generally we limit our sessions to Victoria. For interstate enquiries we are happy to travel for a session, but the costs do unfortunately increase pretty quickly. This can be offset easily if you know a couple of other people who might also want a session though.

In person dog training is ideal, but if you are stuggling to find someone in your area we do also offer video consultations.


No training concern is too big or too small.