A true sensitive shampoo for dogs and cats Dermal Care is a gentle hypoallergenic & sulfate-free cleanser specifically formulated to not dry out coat and skin or trigger reactions.

Perfect for delicate types & those pets that scratch from normal shampoos. Carefully formulated natural humectants that hydrate and hypoallergenic ingredients with a least risk of allergic reaction.



-Sulfate-Free for least harshness

-Does not weigh down coat

-Gently cleans without stripping the coat’s natural oils

-Formulated for pets with sensitivities

-Replenishes and maintains moisture balance

-Contains panthenol, natural glycerine and aloe vera to hydrate

Jojoba Wax Esters help keep skin calm and comfortable

-Allantoin provides anti-irritant protection and prevents dryness

-Contains no known allergens

-Non-irritant fragrance is unlikely to cause a reaction



-Dogs, Cats, all small animals, puppies, kittens & Horses

-Sensitive pets

-Pets that need to be bathed regularly

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