Meet the Kazoo Krew! Our friendly mascots repawsent all the happy pets who make up our family and community. Did you know that Kazoo is a family-owned, Aussie business? Now you can feel like part of the family by chewsing our squeaky mascot toys for daily playtime!

Made of high-quality and non-toxic latex, our doggie chew toys are made for hours of fetching, chasing and playing.

Did you know Kazoo is owned and operated by four brothers? Happy (and his pal Chili) are parrots owned by the youngest brother, Matt.

Collect The Krew:

🐶 Barney the dog
🐈‍⬛ Mittens the kitten
🦜 Happy the bird
🐰 Vivi the bunny
🐢 Chomp the turtle
🐠 Rocket the fish


  • Made of natural rubber
  • Squeaks for natural engagement & enrichment
  • Medium-sized toy, perfect for medium to large dogs