Ideal for Anxious or fearful dogs

One on one means moving at a pace that works for your dog, and the freedom to work on reward based counter conditioning to help overcome fears. Chat to us to learn more about how this works and whether it’s right in your situation. 

Focused, REAL WORLD Training

Solo walks can be used to work on general obedience and get results quickly, we can work on sit, drop, walk to heel, recalls etc. in a focused session, and relay progress and guidance so that you can continue that work yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you walk?

Either directly from your home, or we drive to a close by location that best suits the training goals we are working on.

In some cases we travel to cross paths with one of our group walking packs, which allows us to do one on one training at your dog’s critical distance threshold. This is an important part of the process for fixing a number of more complex behaviours and is a huge advantage of our solo walk service as managing distance from a stimulus is particularly difficult to achieve without having additional people to work with in the way that we can provide.

How long is the walk?

Walks are for either 20 minutes or 45 minutes, excluding pick up and drop off time. 

In the case of solo walks this is largely considered training time not walking time.

On solo walks we may elapse time either at your home, in one place at a park, or we may walk or even run for the whole duration depending on what is needed and appropriate in your case.

How long will it take to train my dog?

The answer to this question ranges a lot. It depends on the type and severity of behaviour in question, frequency of training sessions, how much your actively work on training yourself and what your expectations are. We’ve outlined some different scenarios below to help you gauge what outcomes are likely but its always best just to have a chat to us about your individual situation, so feel free to give us a call or stop in at 38 Main Street, Greensborough for a chat.

  1. You would like to join our group walks but your large, overly boisterous dog tends to overwhelm other dogs in social situations. 

    This one one is usually a quick solve, that often doesn’t even require a solo walk. But in some cases we phase a dog into groups over a sequence of 3-4 solo walks by adding dogs to the group one at a time each week/walk.

  2. Your dog has fear and/or anxiety displayed outside the home. Group walking would likely be overwhelming for him or her.
    Patience and good timing of rewards is critical here. The time frame and progress depends a lot on the specific triggers and severity, but most of these cases “graduate” to a group walk in a 2-6 session timeframe. Getting to groups is a big part of the aim in most of these cases, as we want to these dogs to be able to have positive social experiences as soon as possible.

    Total removal of anxiety and fear in all situations is a very long term goal though as there are often obscure and unknown fears that don’t even show up on most training sessions either with us or with you. 

  3. I would love better obedience and understanding of basic commands.
    This one is purely about how much time is put in day-to-day, by all involved. Its important to understand that this can’t be done alone by a trainer, as dogs will both learn different rule sets with different handlers, and also have learned behaviours deteriorate if training consistency is not present over time. For some guidance though, a good trainer can prove that any dog will behave better and show progress in a single session but, for example, completely proofing a police dog takes ~12 weeks of intense every day focused training from the dogs ultimate handler, and under every day professional supervision. The time frame for you will depend on your goals, and we’ll discuss an ongoing plan with you.
  4. My dog displays aggression.
    Stopping an aggressive behaviour can usually be achieved quickly by an experienced handler. This is however NOT the same as removing a dogs underlying reason for behaving aggressively. This ongoing part of the process is long term, and the progression rate can vary. We have extensive experience moving dogs with reactivity past their initial behaviours and into comfortable friendly behaviours within our walking groups. The progress of a dog with known aggressive behaviours is monitored very closely and progress is made cautiously to ensure safety. If this is your situation please Contact Us to discuss what we can do.


Can I come on the walk?

Not within the context of this service, but you absolutely can come out with us on training sessions, and that is what our Behaviour Consults and associated follow up sessions are for.

Our solo walks and group walking services are often used following behaviour consults as an ongoing training support where appropriate. 

What does it cost?

Solo walk sessions are either 20 minutes, or 45 minutes.

  • 20 minutes – $39
  • 45 minutes – $68

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