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Events at The Pawfectionist

Whether you have a new pup and want to get on the right track with puppy classes, have a problem pooch that you need to learn more about, or just want to increase your skills and knowledge, we will have an event for you.

Our events calendar is consistently being updated now that we can safely start adding them again without the risk of an impending lockdown. If you are looking for a particular event to attend or wish to propose an event you would like to run yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What’s it all about?

At The Pawfectionist, we offer a number of educational events through the year by our knowledgeable staff, as well as hosting other industry professionals, to give pet owners the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill base when it comes to their pets.

Our events are suited to people from all levels of pet ownership; from dog service professionals, training clubs, rescue groups and shelters to brand new pet owners or dog enthusiasts.

Events held at The Pawfectionist:

  • Buzz Classes
  • Difficult Dogs Seminar
  • Puppy Pre-School Course
  • Puppy Primary Course
  • Pet Nutrition Seminar
  • Companion Animal First Aid Course
  • Grooming Socialisaion Workshop
  • …And More (just ask us!) 


Our primary seminars and workshops are held at our canine specialist shop in Greensborough, however some events can be mobile, depending on the particular event and potential location.

If you would like to hold an event at your location, please contact us to discuss.


Events range in price depending on the length of the course and material presented. Some short information nights can be free while other workshops and course can be $200+.

If you are enquiring about the price of an upcoming seminar, please contact us.

The above-mentioned events are just the handful of events currently in the calendar. If you would like us to hold an event that covers a particular issue, please get in contact as we may have others wanting the same event who have registered interest and your contact may be the extra person needed to get that event into the calendar.

If you need more individualised help, please contact us to discuss our in-home consultations.

The short answer is YES! If you have a suitable venue to hold our event, we can certainly bring the event to you. This can be help if you have a large number of staff, or want your staff to learn particular skills directly in your workplace.

Generally we limit our events to Victoria. For interstate enquiries we are happy to travel for events, but the costs do unfortunately increase pretty quickly. This can be offset easily if you run multiple events in your location over a few days.

We are also in the process of developing some online webinars for those wanting a more cost effective event without the travel requirements.


No training concern is too big or too small.